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Are you looking for the best remedy for large and thick eyelashes?

Replace false eyelashes and mascara with Careprost, the perfect eyelash extension solution! Try Careprost today, as a result, it has helped thousands of users naturally enlarge their eyelashes. This ophthalmic emulsion is officially used to treat glaucoma, subsequently and its negative effect contributes to the conditions of eyelash growth.

Similarly, you may start to see more length and thickness in a little as about a month, and you should achieve full growth in around four months. In summary, what you will see isn’t duplicity, yet authentic lash growth. This enhancer offers several benefits that have made this product so popular. Its advantages can be listed as:

  • Boosts the Growth of Eyelashes.
  • Easy to Use.
  • A Replacement of Expensive Mascara.
  • Good for Eye Vision.

In conclusion, you can order Careprost at the affordable price in the USA with the world’s shipping.

What is Careprost

This eyelash enhancer is well-known brand for eyelash growth issues. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and thus proved a safer, better remedy for eyelash growth. This product is the brand name for bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, a no prescription remedy used for cosmetic purposes.

This solution is dabbed on the upper eyelash line to enhance appearance over time, making them grow longer, thicker and darker. You can purchase Careprost for longer thicker and darker eyelashes at a very low price with genuine quality from our Pharmacy.

Patients treated with this eyelash serum in the clinical study experienced a:

  • 25% increase in lash length.
  • 110% increase in lash thickness/fullness.
  • 25% increase in lash darkness.

The most important aspect you have to consider is safety. Another important factor is effectiveness. Of course, you want the fastest and most considerable results possible. You can carefully familiarize yourself with this eyelash enhancer.

Careprost: The Ultimate Formula for Eyelash Growth

Women around the world spend a fortune on improving the appearance of their eyelashes. They use mascara and false eyelashes to beautify eyes. But this makeup may not be suitable for everyone and is a temporary option. Therefore, women are constantly looking for a safe, effective and lasting solution that can naturally improve the beauty of their eyes.

The main active ingredient of an eyelash enhancer is bimatoprost 0.03%. This ingredient, which is derived from fatty acids, can penetrate deep into the hair follicles in order to promote blood flow in the scalp. The increased blood flow also encourages the growth of lashes to give them a healthier, fuller and gorgeous look.

Bimatoprost was first approved in 2002 as a medical product to lower intraocular pressure in people with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. The long-term safety of the active component for therapeutic use has been recognized by the medical community and well established based on use in 28 clinical trials involving more than 6,100 glaucoma patients.

Long and beautiful eyelashes add charm to the eye of every woman. Careprost is the only cosmetic product that is 100% safe and effective for the growth of eyelashes.

Before and After of Use

Long and thicker eyelashes do not appear on a sudden. It takes time, proper exercise and most importantly consistency.

careprost Before and After of Use
careprost eyelash growth reviews

In this example, you have to be consistent while practicing the lashes improving procedure, any absence of one or 2 days regularly will not give you accurate results. This is where the role of Careprost come in and play their part in growing eyelashes.

How does it Work?

This medical product contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. It is a prostaglandin-like product that has the produced to maintain the normal eye pressure.

The eyelash grows usually about 0.5mm/day. The eyelash growth cycle has three stages: The anagen, the catagen, and the telogen.

  • The anagen is the active growth stage. It takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks for the eyelash to grow from nothing to its full length.
  • The catagen is a transitional stage. It also takes about 2 to 3 weeks during which the eyelash stops growing and the follicle closes off.
  • The telogen stage is the resting stage. An eyelash can hang around for up to 100 days of its life in that stage. It doesn’t grow, it doesn’t change – just makes you pretty.

Research suggests that the growth of eyelashes occurs by increasing the percentage of hairs in the duration of the anagen (or growth) phase of the hair follicle. Bimatoprost can prolong this growth phase, hence you get longer lashes.

How to Apply

Careprost is approved for use on the upper eyelashes only. Before application, wash your hands and face, removing any makeup. The solution is used once nightly and is placed at the roots of the upper eyelashes with an applicator.

The Careprost eyelash brush or applicator should be cleaned before each application. Use once a day to achieve the desired length. Results usually become apparent after about eight weeks, and the desired duration is usually achieved after 14-16 weeks.

Once the desired length is achieved, maintain the new lashes by applying medication once a week. Therapy once a week is necessary to maintain the new length. Because after the cessation of use, the eyelashes return to their normal growth.

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Safety Info

This product should not be applied to your eye or to the lower eyelid. There is a possibility that unwanted growth may occur in other areas of your skin where the formulation frequently touches.

Do not apply to the lower lash line. Users are advised to remove their contact lenses before applying Careprost eye drops. You can reinsert your contact lenses 10-20 minutes after application.

Tell your specialist about all medications you use, including vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and remedies. This product should be used only when prescribed by a doctor during pregnancy. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.

Side Effects: The most common negative effects of using this product are an itching sensation in the eyes or eye redness. Less often: darkening of eyelashes; discharge from the eyes or excessive tearing; eye strain; increased eye sensitivity to sunlight.

Benefits of Careprost

The perfect benefit of using this product is it is one of the most the easiest and cheap therapy systems. Moreover, of this product having some drawbacks to some people Careprost has some steady way of growing eyelashes.


This medical product is approved by FDA for eyelashes growth. It’s the only product, which promotes the growth of eyelashes naturally.


The remedy can be used and applied easily with the help of an applicator. Place a remedy drop on the tip of the brush and spread it on the upper edge of your eyelid.


The eyelash serum has the best price and anyone can afford it easily. Purchase Careprost no prescription and save your money!

6 Facts about Your Eyelashes

  • They’re practically all protein. Eyelashes are 96 percent keratin (and 4 percent water). To keep them strong, look for biotin in foods like chicken, eggs, almonds, and whole grains. Also, up to your vitamin C intake: Antioxidants found in citrus fruits and avocados help repair lashes and protect against damage.
  • They have a short life span. If it feels like you’re always shedding lashes, don’t freak out. Lashes have a life span of about 90 days, and on average, one to five of your lashes will fall out every day. For each one that falls out, it takes about four to eight weeks for a new one to come in and grow to its full length. Luckily, you’re never completely lash-less because all your lashes are in different growth phases.
  • They fall out every day. Each eyelash goes through the cycle in its own time, which means that you will never be lash-less, so no need to worry. As a result the most people lose on average one to five eyelashes every day. If a person doesn’t lose eyelashes this can be a sign of a health problem.
  • The color of your eyelashes, same as your hair, greatly depends on the amount of melanin pigment they contain. The larger amount of melanin the eyelash contains, the darker the color. Considering the hormone levels change as we age, the eyelashes can darken in color as well.
  • The length, curl, and thickness of your eyelashes is genetic. That does not mean that any defects are irreparable. With proper care, many deficiencies can be corrected to your liking.
  • The upper and lower lashes are different. The hairs on your top lid are much fuller than your lower lid.